Public Speaking

Looking for someone to rally the troops?  Want to energize your group, association, or business?  Hoping to learn more about how creative expression can improve health, develop new language(s) of communication, and serve as a springboard for new endeavors?  Let me bring creativity to your doorstep through audio-visual presentations to ignite shifts in perspective while activating commitment to your beliefs, ideas, or causes.

Your Personal Journey

It’s a club no one wants to belong to, but a diagnosis is the moment everything changes. No one plans for illness. There are no instruction manuals about how to respond. It’s a time of confusion and fear, shattering every assumption you had about your life! What better time for embarking on an adventure?

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For the Greater Good

We’re social creatures, meant to engage in community.  We’re wired to contribute our knowledge, share our expertise, and create endless possibilities.  The opportunity for your community to grow is what we can accomplish.  I’ve spent the past twenty-five years working in and with service organizations, professional organizations, and nonprofits engaging members to move their organizations forward, embracing change, and unleashing their potential.  Whether it’s small group, or an international contingency, through retreats, workshops, and online programs we will establish new norms and possibilities for your group.