Time to Live Creatively

Over the course of millions of years, man, as we know him today, has made efforts to communicate.  Communication allowed humans to progress toward higher levels of functioning, allowing for the establishment of culture.  Before we were able to communicate, humans found nonverbal ways of communicating, such as cave paintings.  Art that made their world “comprehensible” providing individuals, often hunters, with a mean of documenting their existence and more notably their experience on a physical, emotional, and spiritual plateau.  We’ll explore the impact stories told by creative expression impact our ability to cope, heal, and flourish.

Pilgrim Pathway

Following the diagnosis of a chronic or life-altering illness, how will you commit yourself to action?  It’s a time to become empowered and eliminate anonymity in living.  It’s time we stopped asking ourselves, “What’s wrong?” and started asking ourselves, “What’s Missing?”  We’ll explore all aspects of living with life-altering diagnoses.  We’ll look for ways to build community, share our experience and resources, and expand coping skills to create meaningful lives.