Private Consultations

Not everyone wants to tell their story before a group of strangers. For that reason I offer one-on-one sessions either by phone or in person (geography permitting). The sessions are your time to cultivate a fighting spirit; translate your illness from something done to you to a challenge you’re up to meeting, and work on ways to accept the diagnosis without accepting the prognosis. You’ll receive resources, guidance and I’ll work with you as a partner in your mission to improve your health and take control of your healthcare.

Through our time together you’ll learn to make conscious and self-directed choices about your care and your life. You’ll become more informed, aware, resourceful, empowered and autonomous in your health and healing process. You’ll create goals that are realistic and practical…it’s like having a private support group. For more information contact Greg at

It's All in the Family

When someone in a family is ill the whole family faces the illness. There aren’t many places where families can come together and create ways to maintain caring relationships. It’s important that the family be on the same page and that everyone develops their own personal belief in a positive outcome. It’s important that everyone in the family facing the illness gets their voice heard.

This is a unique perspective because the medical community only focuses on the person with the diagnosis as the patient. It would be great is keeping the illness in the closet protected the family from the disease, but that’s a fantasy; mystery only makes the reality more foreboding.

Inclusion is the key so that family members don’t feel left out of the loop. Isolation gives family members the opportunity to create scenarios in their head that are often worse than the truth. Clarity in the family unit will provide unity and strength…things everyone will benefit from in confronting the illness.

Family sessions are scheduled with all family members old enough to understand the discussion. For those with very young children, resources that explain illness will be provided to unravel the mystery. For more information contact Greg at

The Group Experience - The Pilgrimage

It’s a club no one wants to belong to but a diagnosis is the moment everything changes. No one plans for illness. There are no instruction manuals about how to respond. It’s a time of confusion and fear, shattering every assumption you had about your life! What better time for a pilgrimage than when everything is being questioned?

Would you like to be part of a spirited community that will provide you with better tools for stepping up to the challenges you face? Are you looking for resources that will make treatment easier? Do you desire a community that truly knows “how you feel”? That's the advantage of working in a group.