One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time ~Andre Gide

Pilgrimages have been part of our consciousness for thousands of years. Many of us have embarked on a pilgrimage but didn't use that word.

The Pilgrimage is a 90 day experience that will transform your life. It will give you a community to travel with and develop lasting relationships. It will allow you to build trust, be vulnerable, be strong, share wisdom and develop skills that lie beneath the surface.

You will learn how to draw strength from your own personal well. With the support of others you will be acknowledged and validated for your gifts, your strengths and your contribution to the lives of others on a similar journey.

This 90 day pilgrimage is not about attending self-help seminars, reading the endless array of self-help books, but a journey to the depths of your soul. It provides you with the clarity and core strength to make the informed decisions, changes and plans necessary when facing any illness.

We all need motivation, encouragement and support, but we all receive them differently. This is your opportunity to recharge and gain clarity the best way possible for you!

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Who should embark on the "Life Lift Pilgrimage?"

As I grow older, part of my emotional survival plan must be to actively seek inspiration instead of passively waiting for it to find me. ~Bebe Moore Campbell

The "Life Lift Pilgrimage" is designed for anyone who has looked at their life and asked the big question "If Only..." On the pilgrimage we will transform that question to "What Next?". The pilgrimage is for anyone who has received a diagnosis of illness, their caregivers, friends and family. It will ask you to be truthful and create a life for yourself based on that truth.

Why embark on the "Life Lift Pilgrimage?"

There is nothing to fear except the persistent refusal to find out the truth, the persistent refusal to analyze the causes of happenings. Fear grows in darkness; if there's a boogeyman around, turn on the light. ~Dorothy Thompson

The truth is that everything is a pilgrimage...a journey inspired by your own questions that can only be answered by you. The answer will come when you are ready to leave your land of "comfort" for a road with enough unknowns that would maek an algebra teacher blush. It's the journey you thought required an invitation and yet since your diagnosis, you have a standing invite that you haven't RSVP'd to until now.

You've been thrust into a vast wilderness. Your questions and doubts are the baggage you carry. Wouldn't it be great to leave these heavy weights behind and re-invent yourself?

The "Life Lift Pilgrimage": Leaving your comfort zone for a maximum fulfillment!

The Pilgrimage is a dynamic and effective journey to:

The Path of the "Life Lift Pilgrimage"

All you have to do is close your eyes and wait for the symbols. ~Igor Stravinsky

Believe it or not you've already begun your pilgrimage. You've entered a state of questions that creates a hunger to grow. There are four parts to the pilgrimage: the call to question and find solutions, preparation for the journey, the journey and finally...the homecoming. We'll plan for each part of the pilgrimage and make each transition a memorable experience.

If you've ever said or thought the following, then the "Life Lift Pilgrimage" is for you:

Since your diagnosis if you've thought the following then the "Life Lift Pilgrimage" is for you:

How Big Are You Willing to Be?

The Journey

The pilgrimage will meet for 90 days. At each gathering the group will engage a new topic filled with possibilities and ending in action. The purpose of the journey is to develop a sense of community and you will achieve this by meeting in smaller mastermind groups. The group members will become part of your extended family. They will share your stories, bear witness to your life and validate your challenges and triumphs.

The 12 Foundations Pillars of the "Life Lift Pilgrimage"

Your Journey

The "Life Lift Pilgrimage" will include the following path: