Greg Katz

Greg Katz, MS, MFT, believes that we’re all endowed with gifts, and when we are living our best lives, we are empowered to share these gifts with our community. Greg has known his calling for as long as he can remember. It was his good fortune to be born into a family where his mission – a drive to help others – was honored and respected. This support, along with Greg’s strong sense of purpose, has helped him to find ways to facilitate positive change in the lives of those facing the challenges of illness from the time he was a child.

Having been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease as a pre-teen, Greg has grown up knowing illness through all life stages. His clinical work over the past twenty years has centered on patient empowerment, patient advocacy and patient education for those facing life-threatening illness. He has committed his personal and professional life to reducing fear in those diagnosed with an illness. He shares his life lessons with those facing big medical decisions so that they are well-informed enabling each person to make conscious choices about their healthcare. Greg understands that it’s the mind-body connection that serves as the foundation for all health and healing.

His expertise in creating programs for those living with an illness diagnosis as well as their family and friends is what sets Greg apart. He has devoted himself to giving every person fighting the fight the opportunity to have a voice that is heard loud and clear, to create a supportive community that provides education and hope while providing the tools to make more informed decisions about how each person lives their life.

He is a noted speaker and his presentations bring excitement and energy to the lives of those he meets on the path. Greg’s devotion to making his personal and professional life his own pilgrimage has shown him the power of devotion and perseverance as the cornerstones of our lives.